Cookies and their use

1.1 For the proper functionality of Service Provider’s website, it stores small data files called cookies into the Client device. A cookie is a small text file that the Service Provider’s website stores on the Client’s computer or mobile device when they visit the Service Provider’s website. As a result, the Service Provider’s website may for some time “recall” the Client’s actions and options (for example, the registration name, language, font size and other display options), and the Client does not need to re-enter that information each time they visit the site or browse on various pages of the site.

1.2. The Service Provider uses cookies to determine the habits of Clients visiting the website, to improve the experience of the Clients visiting the website, and to provide personalized services to the Clients. Cookies information may include data on how the Client uses the website, the IP address of his computer, browser type, demographic data, and, if the Client came to the Service Provider’s website from a third-party website, the URL of the page link. If the Client is a registered user, it may include data, such as the Client’s user name and e-mail address that can be processed by server registration. Cookies enable the website to function more efficiently and improve its services, as well as to provide information to website administrators for statistics or marketing purposes.

1.3. The Service Provider uses the information received by cookies for the following purposes:
1.3.1. to determine returning, registered Clients to open such Content or Services ordered by such Clients;
1.3.2. to prevent re-registration for the Clients that are already registered.
1.3.3. To monitor the customer’s website usage habits in order to provide the actual content of the Client and to improve the portal according to the requests of the Client;
1.3.4. Service development and targeted marketing orientation;
1.4. Client agrees to the usage of cookies in the following ways:
1.4.1. Registering on the provider’s portal for the first time;
1.4.2. if the Client’s Browser accepts cookies without deleting them and / or changing them;
1.4.3. Clicking on the “I accept” tag on the site, registration forms and / or accounts provided by the Service Provider’s Cookies link.

1.5. The service provider may, without violating the law, combine the information obtained through the use of cookies with the information received on the person by other means, such as information on the use of the services.

1.6. The third parties mentioned above can collect both anonymous and personal Client information for personal advertising purposes, as well as use of both session cookies and regular cookies valid for a certain period of time. For more details on third-party cookies and privacy policies, Client may become aware of the specific third-party privacy policy.
1.7.The following table explains the way in which we use cookies on this website:

TawkConnectionTimeThis cookie is used to determine the connection duration of tawk sessions.At the end of the session
TawkCookieMain cookie.1970-01-01
Tawk_5b211ecd9b5236437c3e01d4This cookie is used to determine the connection duration of Tawk sessions and to determine a unique session.1970-01-01 cookie used to distinguish users.6 months
_icl_current_admin_languageStores the current WordPress administration area language.1 day
_icl_current_languageContains the current language of the site user.1 day
_wcml_dashboard_currencyRemember the currency set by the customer and show all products in this currency.1 day
age_gateIdentify a user.At the end of the session
catAccCookiesRemember the currency set by the customer and show all products in this currency.1 month
wordpress_logged_inIndicates if the user is connected and who it is.At the end of the session
wordpress_sec_It allows us to identify the language of the user in order to show you the web page in the correct language.At the end of the session
wordpress_test_cookieThis cookie is used so that the WordPress content management system to check if your browser has cookies enabled.At the end of the session
wp-settingsUsed to customize the user interface.At the end of the session
wp-settings-timeCustomize interface.1 year
yith_wcwl_productsIs a persistent cookie that stores the visitor’s wishlist.1 hour
__cfduidThe ‘__cfduid’ cookie is set by the CloudFlare service to identify trusted web traffic.1 year is our live chat service. Cookies are used to anonymously determine a user’s general location and resume a conversation if you return.At the end of the session
tawkUUIDThis cookie is used to collect information about how the visitor interacts with the live chat function on the website.1970-01-01
wfwaf-authcookieIdentification of the visitor by a security plugin to prevent attacks on the web.30 minutes
contain information about the cart as a whole and helps WooCommerce know when the cart data changes.At the end of the session
wp_woocommerce_sessionThis session cookie adds and updates the shopping cart during the users session and stores information for it so it can be retrieved later.At the end of the session
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